What is a Newborn Care Specialist?


A Newborn Care Specialist is a professional caregiver who helps with the wonderful, yet sometimes overwhelming, experience of bringing home a new baby. The most important job for the NCS is the care and protection of the baby through the night. In addition she supports new parents by suggesting approaches on basic newborn care, including issues regarding breastfeeding and normal sleep schedules. Her primary focus is to provide a calm, confident and safe environment for both babies and parents.

A Newborn Care Specialist...


• Interprets and adequately responds to a baby's needs


• Establishes healthy sleep habits


• Recommends a Family Lifestyle Routine


• Provides empirical information about diaper rashes, circumcision care,

  reflux, colic, swaddling, soothing techniques and more


• Supports breastfeeding techniques and/or formula solutions


• Is experienced with preemies, multiples and special needs babies


• Sets the family up for success







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