New Mom Quotes:


“Being a new mom to twin boys was harder than I could ever imagine. It was hard to even ask for help. I view Laura as our guardian angel—she really helped us get over the new parent hump and supported us with our own vision for our family.


-Kate, Manhattan Beach


“I hired Laura Stockton Lee as my night nurse for the first month. I still steer the ship, but without her, I'd be lost at sea. I have learned more from her in 3 weeks than I have learned from any well meaning family member or friend, book, doctor, video...Most importantly I have learned to trust myself and my gut. She has a gift. A gift she shares selflessly with me and everyone who crosses her path. I'm still mom, but this mom has a guiding light and some much needed sleep.


-Nicole A., Hollywood, CA


Itsy Bitsy Resources for Parents (Click on website)


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This is a great resource for parents of multiples, with advice from other multiple families. It also has support groups and monthly meetings available.


The leading website in breastfeeding information.


A site for mothers and nursing professionals who want support and advice.


This website has information relating to everything from fitting into your old jeans and your baby’s week by week milestones. Also includes a mommy blog for questions and postings from other parents.


The Miracle Blanket gets Itsy Bitsy Childcare’s vote for best swaddling blanket available.




An LA based nanny service that offers a great way to find the perfect caregiver for your family.









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